Issue 14

Float – Romana Guillotte [Fiction]

The Chinese Restaurant – Jakob Konger [Fiction]

R.I.P. Beautiful Man – Tim Goldstone [Fiction]

Never Good at Goodbyes – Oliver Cable [Fiction]

Inscribed – Simon Lee-Price [Fiction]

Highjacker – Don Rath [Fiction]

Issue 13

Jamboree – Mike Itaya [Fiction]

The Binds That Tie – Dan Keeble [Fiction]

Blending In – Chris Ingram [Fiction]

A Fair Amount of Ghosts – Zach Murphy [Fiction]

Issue 12

Vanishing Point – Alyssa Jordan [Fiction]

Before You Were Born – Toby Wallis [Fiction]

Views from a Laundromat – Zach Murphy [Fiction]

Concierge – Rex M. Graves [Fiction]

Issue 11

The Flowers of the Fields – Cath Barton [Fiction]

Conjuring: A History – Norbert Kovacs [Fiction]

I Live in a Box with Wormholes for Windows – Sarah Davy [Fiction]

The Breakthrough – Alison Frank [Fiction]

The Structure of Shadows – Mike Fox [Fiction]

Issue 10

Earth Species – Arthur Davis [Fiction]

Purgatorio – Blake Johnson [Fiction]

Issue 9

A Date at the End of the World – Neil Clark [Fiction]

When Little Sis Drowned, Mama Turned Into A Fish And Papa Turned To A Coal Train – David Henson [Fiction]

Signs of the Maximum Accumulation of Happiness – Jay Merill [Fiction]

What Happened in the River – Chris Ingram [Fiction]

Keeping in Touch – Mike Fox [Fiction]

The House on the Hill – Matthew Twigg [Fiction]

Issue 8

The House Fairy – Edward Ahern [Fiction]

Rocks On Wheels – Anita Goveas [Fiction]

The Irresistible – Ross Dalglish [Fiction]

Sex Night – Adam Lock [Fiction]

The Fish Who Felt No Pain – David Hartley [Fiction]

Issue 7

One More Time to Get It Right – Christopher Iacono [Fiction]

This is Only a Test – Robert Boucheron [Fiction]

In The Future We Will Call This Deja vu – Erik Bergstrom [Fiction]

Pity the Penguins – M.S. Gardner [Fiction]

Gravity’s End – Chris Ingram [Fiction]

Torn Scrap of Sky – Scott Archer Jones [Fiction]

Issue 6

You’re Why I Don’t Like Having Dreams Anymore – Miss Macross [Fiction]

Steven Speilberg is a Genius – Adam Lock [Fiction]

Tone Deaf – Michael Grant Smith [Fiction]

The Family – Mike Fox [Fiction]

Butterfly – Steve Campbell [Fiction]

Party of Eight – Ryan Shane Lopez [Fiction]

The Undertaker’s Cupcakes – Jess Doyle [Fiction]

What’s Hiding Under the Playground Woodchips – Chelsea Stickle [Fiction]

The Aleph Cafe – Richard O’Brien [Fiction]

How to Dream – Christopher Allen [Fiction]

Firecracker Stand – Jonathan Stand [Fiction]

Issue 5

Let’s Make a Deal – Caleb Echterling

Expecting – Kathy Chamberlain

The Animals – Sutton Strother

The Big Bopper is Alive and Well in Taos, New Mexico – Ashley Naftule

Open Mic Night – Romana Guillotte

Wash – David Greaves

In The Weeds – Matt Vest

Hope – Salvatore Difalco

The Corner – Charlie Jones

Every Time, You Fall In Love – Cathy Ulrich

Issue 4

Sleepwalking on Stilts – Stephen Lodge

Look Out – Salvatore Difalco

There’s Still Time to Buy a New Dress – Adam Lock

Red Balloon – Jon Weswick

There’s No Escaping the Jupiter of Inner Space – Tom McColl

Ripples of Discord – Mark Sadler

From the North – Lexie Angelo

Issue 3

Lacerate – Amelia Vandergast

The Cull – Vince Wells

The Human Body Farm – Diana Radovan

Permanent Sign – Philip Berry

The Prisoner’s Cinema – Charlie Jones

Issue 2

Blame – Philip Berry

STUART – Gary W. Hartley

I Wouldn’t Want To Wake Up With A Doughnut In Each Ear – Steve Lodge

Am I Alone – Niamh O’Donovan

Empty Spaces – James Coffey

The Last Laugh – D.L. Greenwood

Dead Dog – Philip Young

Privacy – Rachel Newcombe

Issue 1

Coleoptera are Sexy – Ignace

The Statues – Philip Berry

Maggot – Marc Nash