3 Poems by Henry Bladon [Poetry]

Training Room Rictus

Amongst the recyclable coffee cups

and coloured pencils 

a woman peels a tangerine


The facilitator wears a rictus

and crosses her fingers

behind her back


She clears her throat

and sees a man with a ginger beard

peer at his watch


On the inside of her head

she has written the words

Please like my course


The House

They will reflect on their time;

everybody does


In this house filled with passing time 

is where I leaned to tie shoelaces 

and where is ate my first pizza


I see the picture on the way to the prom,

the car outside on my wedding day 

and when mum and dad celebrated new additions


Then later years when things got bad;

the death bed carried to the downstairs room

the tearful nights and the final goodbyes 


Now the moving truck backs up

and a new set of memories

prepares to unfurl


One day they will also reflect on their time


As I leave for the last time

I turn and look back at the house

and see it stretching into the future



I’m falling 

but saved by a man 

with a fence across the top of his head


What is a green light?

What is a green blue light?

What is a red light?

What is a white light?


Am I Dali?


Making sense of the world

I notice you through a haze of broken glass

which gives an asymmetrical view

like an endlessly overflowing basin,


until I am fully awake.


By Henry Bladon

  • Henry Bladon is based in Somerset in the UK. He is a writer of short fiction and poetry and teaches creative writing for therapeutic purposes. He has degrees in psychology and mental health policy, and a PhD in literature and creative writing. He frequently writes commentary about mental health issues and his literary work can be seen in O:JA&L, Pure Slush, Mercurial Stories, The Ekphrastic Review, and Spillwords Press, among other places.

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