Torn Scrap of Sky – Scott Archer Jones [Fiction]

Torn Scrap of Sky


Detective Stevie Gutierrez drops the carton on the table and levers off the lid. On top waits an inventory listing all contents tagged on the river bank and logged into evidence on June 14, 2014.


Subject: Angela Blau, deceased

242 dollars in bills

16 cents in change

Sleep Inn key card

Eyeliner and feathered brush

A small tube of base makeup

Silver button to a blazer, red thread

Rouge, small jar, a fingertip’s smear

One Brash hightop knit shoe (Payless)

Hundai key fob: car key and house key

One lipstick, as humanly beige as possible

A seagull’s bright scream of fish-scented anger

A broken shard of mirror that reflects the ocean

Two foil-wrapped condoms, brand I HATE HIM

One tissue, encrusted with mucus and a blood clot

One pair of underwear, cotton, spangled with stars

A slice of moon, smelling of goat cheese, wrapped in seaweed

Four small packets: sugar (2), dairy creamer, and the smell of rain

A mutilated piece of chewing gum, wrapped into a torn scrap of gray sky

Second shoe not recovered.


By Scott Archer Jones

  • Scott currently lives in northern New Mexico, after stints in Louisiana, Texas, the Netherlands, Scotland and Norway. He was on the masthead at the Prague Revue and launched a novel in 2014 with Southern Yellow Pine, Jupiter and Gilgamesh, a Novel of Sumeria and Texas. Scott’s novel The Big Wheel arrived in 2015. Fomite Books published a rising tide of people swept away in March of 2016. All have won FAPA awards, and Jupiter took an IPPY Bronze and was a finalist in two Eric Hoffer Award categories. A fourth novel is in production. You can find more from Scott at his website.

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