2 Poems – Jonathan Humble [Poetry]


A child’s sun finds a home in young eyes.

She blinks dandelion eclipses,

refracted light on a retina:

there, then gone, and there again.


Holding warmth in ragged leaves,

the flower stands, up and out,

golden, swaying, slight: rough hawkbit

with ryegrass and foxtail for company.


She wonders which path to take.

Hopes for clues; a sight; a scent; a sound.

For trust and truth she waits,

while saturnine, old voices whisper …


Trust? Truth? Dip your hand.

Pull out a shade; one that suits.

Wear a skin, fit in, one among many.

Read, observe, review your place.


Count the faces that look like yours.

Hang around; all will become obvious.

And should all else fail,

non-existence is always an option.


No child’s sun held within a ragged leaf.

No dazzling fact, still, slight in evening light.

Her eyes clear as the voices disappear.

Rightly leaves the false to rot.


She blinks dandelion eclipses;

hawkbit and then no hawkbit;

a child’s sun and then no child’s sun

held above a hairy stem and ragged leaf.


Rough flower, perfect and golden,

now behind her ear, she looks out and up,

frees her mind, as wings unfold, she steps

to lift and soar; a hawk aloft in open skies.



I don’t feel like searching this time.

What would be the point? But we’re

throwing cushions to the floor,

groping down the sides of armchairs,

emptying cupboards, rolling back

mats and scrabbling under beds.


I know it’s useless looking for this

jigsaw piece, the missing bit I burnt in

the grate last week along with other

stuff from a shoebox of old crap,

found under a coat in the wardrobe,

amongst torn up letters and notes. 


I mean, why keep that stuff?

Stuff which should have been binned.

Why bother remaking something only

to break it all to pieces again once it’s

finished? And then you keep the bits?

You keep the fucking bits to do it all over again.


I never liked jigsaws.


By Jonathan Humble


  • Jonathan Humble is a deputy head teacher at a rural school in Cumbria. His poems have appeared in a number of anthologies and other publications such as The Big Issue In The North, The Teacher, Ink Sweat & Tears, Obsessed With Pipework, Atrium, Riggwelter, Amaryllis, Eye Flash, Burning House Press, Picaroon, Blue Nib, Barren Magazine and on BBC Radio. His short stories and poems for children have been published in The Caterpillar, The Looking Glass Magazine, Amazing Magazine and Stew Magazine. He blogs at https://northernjim.wordpress.com



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