Steven Speilberg is a Genius – Adam Lock [Fiction]

Steve Speilberg is a Genius

Christmas Eve, 1982, I took Jenny to watch ET at the Odeon. We were alone on the back row and she said I could put my hand inside her jumper.

‘I don’t like them,’ she whispered. ‘Do you like them?’

‘They’re amazing,’ I said. It sounded like I was lying but I wasn’t. They really were amazing.

She arched her back, reaching beneath her jumper to unfasten her bra.

Each one was heavy in my hand, and I thought how, until that moment, 1982 might have been the worst year ever.

It all started with me and Jimmy and Spence getting caught smoking at school, even though I wasn’t smoking. I told Mr Barton I didn’t even like cigarettes but he told Mom anyway. I was grounded for a month.

At the end of the film, ET says to Elliott, ‘Come,’ because he wants Elliott to go with him on the spaceship.

But Elliott says, ‘Stay,’ because there’s no way he’s getting on a spaceship.

In February, Milo had an operation on his back right leg. He had to wear a plastic cone around his neck. Milo really didn’t like that plastic cone.

ET, and then Elliott, point to their chests and say, ‘Ouch,’ and Elliott is crying. They hug and Elliott’s mom is crying, and Elliott’s little sister is crying.

In June, Dad’s ship, The Sir Galahad, was bombed during the Falklands War and he died.

ET’s finger glows and he points to Elliott’s temple and says, ‘I’ll be right here.’

In July, England were knocked out of the World Cup after a scoreless draw with Spain. We had to win by two clear goals and missed hundreds of chances — the worst being Kevin Keegan’s header in the dying seconds.

ET picks up the flowers in a pot and walks up the ramp to the spaceship.

I’d say it was the music that made me cry. I was sitting next to Jenny, with my hand up her jumper, holding her breast, and I was crying. Not blubbering or anything, but I could feel the lump in my throat and everything.

The last thing you see of ET is his heart glowing. Then the spaceship takes off.

When Jenny said bye, she touched the side of my head with a finger and said, ‘I’ll be right here,’ and we laughed.

On the bus home I thought how, if it wasn’t for ET, 1982 really would have been the worst year ever.

When I got home, I saw on the news that The Computer was 1982’s Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, which made no sense.

Then it hit me: the first and last letters of, ‘Elliott.’

Steven Spielberg really is a genius.


by Adam Lock

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