Mystif by Kayla Bashe [Poetry]


I want to be someone’s shapeshifting secret-keeper, their first and best coping mechanism. I want to be hunted for a glimpse of my smile.
I am always chasing strangers who look good in a waistcoat across dimensions or centuries. I may be more faithful than clever, prepared to limp after another indefinitely; I want to be worth waiting for, the way people wait for a concert. In heels. In the rain. I want to be needed like an escape route, like the last boat off a sinking island. Here are your memories, safe in my breath, and if I can’t be loved I want to become indispensable; this thing of darkness I acknowledge mine.


by Kayla Bashe

  • Kayla’s work has appeared in publications such as Cricket, Strange Horizons, and Liminality Magazine, and her chapbook ‘Glitter Blood’ was recently nominated for the Elgin Award.


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