Don’t Sew Your Weddin’ Dress by Connie Todd Lila [Poetry]

Don’t Sew Your Weddin’ Dress

Don’t sew your weddin’ dress yet, bride t’be,

Save your pearls and laces and thread.

For, you see, I will gather the conjurin’ herbs

And, with these, charm him into my bed.


I have stirred the sweet potion of Roses and Bay

With a wand from a green Apple tree.

Then, I stirred in the blood of a turtle dove’s mate

To make sure he’s a yearnin’ for me.


Kissing his name upon leaf after leaf,

I twined Ivy around me, times three

And danced in the grass like a moon-addled hare,

Winding tightly, so he’ll cling to me.


Keep your sewin’ bag closed, give your yard goods away.

An old spinster shawl’s waitin’ for thee.

For I’ve brewed the love charms, both the light and the dark…

He’ll be jumpin’ the broom beside me.


And, if, when my brewin’ and charmin’ is through,

His heart’s still not achin’ for mine…

Then the Nightshade and I will carry us both

Where our joinin’ will last for all time.


Either way, foolish girl, waste no time on your gown.

You’ll not wear it for his eyes to see.

His embrace will be mine, be the cost dark or light,

Twined in Ivy for eternity.


by Connie Todd Lila 


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