Chimera to a Flame – Scott T. O’Dempsey [Poetry]

Chimera to a Flame

I stepped out amongst the black stars,

dark lights illuminating pathways that

twinkled and sparkled.

As I did so, my footprint echoed a Momentary

thought that was intent upon scuffing it’s past into the light.


A drowning, next, amidst compassed sensations the stars refused to ingest,

their comet tails knocking dreams aside despite the

eons it took to craft them.

They were crafted well,

veiled sculptures of an Autumn and Winter locking horns –


fired hard by dying suns lost along their own horizons.

Those dreams did not crack – no, a simple folding in upon themselves

was all it took

becoming Myths absorbed by their own philosophy.

That solitary step became footsteps,


Just like all the others, weathered and eroded, searching in the

Silence of the Dark.


by Scott T. O’Dempsey


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