2 poems by Sally Barrett [Poetry]


the security light dazzled

a crisis of thoughts, and

pillows are turned and plumped

getting the cool side, again

waking with bad feeling

and shudders

rats by the bins, that

no one sees but foxes

watching and waiting

police cars are racing

purpose unknown,

to anyone on Facebook

everyone wonders at 8am

what happened at 3am,

was it earthquakes or sleep

that made the room shake

pray for no devils and demons

on nightmarish evenings

there is safety with the door locked

the bed is single and

the orange lamp helps

sheep jump over fences

the same two, over and over

the day busies your mind

like a supermarket conveyor belt

beeping forever tinned tomatoes

the night is washing your mind

like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia

the flotsam is tidied in a cupboard

the night is a death

the day is yet

Orchestral Manoeuvre

Play it again

said the Music Teacher

Stockhausen could not

He cannot improvise

but he can read music

but he can write music

like Reich

like the arrangements

made by the violinist

who wishes

she was percussion

the nicest sound

the hardest beat

to keep the rhythm

keep the rhythm

with you, do not lose

your rhythm, your place

in the piece and

Downbow at bar 56,

there’s the baton

piccolo solo; piccolo solo

as fingers forget

the arpeggio

By Sally Barrett 

  • Sally Barrett lives and writes in Manchester, mainly. She has recently had a pamphlet published by Redceilings press. She has been published in various online poetry journals including Black Market Re-View, Picaroon and Hypnopomp. She has had a piece in Best Practice zine. She can be found on twitter @disappearingmac.  

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