3 poems by Ben Niespodziany [Poetry]

Acorn Sawdust

Sawdust filled his pockets

so much so that even after

he arrived back at home

and washed off and cleaned up

to greet his newspaper reading
wife, she knew instantly

that he had been outside in

“that damn forest” again, making

more and more wooden acorns

to fool the village squirrels.




The tap dancer broke

four right toes playing

a heated game

of quicksand volleyball.


“It could have been a lot worse,”

the tap dancer said to the podiatrist

who iced her foot, ordering

a pink cast, pink like sea glass,


and telling the dancer to relax,

to stop playing sports in sand

that moves, in sand

that swallows entire cars.



Free Food

I grabbed two plates

of cheese cubes

from the hotel’s continental

breakfast buffet

and when I stuffed

both plates into my face

all at once with disrespectful

haste, the host shouted, “Sir!
Those are butter squares!”
But it was too late.


By Ben Niespodziany


  • Ben had recently self-released a chapbook of prose poems and short stories titled Dress Code Aquarium and he has also previously had his work published in 101Fiction, Occulum, Memoir Mixtapes, Luna Luna, Ghost City Press, and tenderness, yea. You can also find Ben over on his Twitter: @neonpajamas // Website: neonpajamas.com

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