4 poems by Rus Khomutoff [Poetry]


Vintage ghosts of

joy and sadness

a saccharine statement

the highest expression of the autopoetic force

the incarnation and withdrawal of a God

declaration of hither swarms

accretion of the torrential becoming

instances emancipated from

all anxieties and frustrations

in the anagogic phase

made dizzy by the hybris

a regular pulsating

metre of recurrence


This is not a method

O blacklist of preeminence

louder than life itself

countdown sequence

of aired mysterious booms

natural coction

the shadow of a shadow of an

obtainable new order

to bathe in the splendor

of lathe and labyrinth

as momentum grows

that bold and legitimate certainty

of endlessly repeating variations

and recollections that

erect their desire to exist

like a new sensation

articulating lifelong repeal



In this mode and vague notion

of a stay in your placeism

event horizon

a derangement of senses

dragging the echo

from the culvert

from the book of common prayer

eschewing the copula

almost like the pace of a dream

ordered fragments of a

disordered devotion

a space we can enter

the bareness of time’s passing



An ebony reticence

a luminous maiden

in pure elemental blindness

an effacing plasticized sky

a steel wise lament

written  without meaning

-Ric Carfagna


To open the question

to wrest things from their condition

the nothingness of selfsame me

from mortification to titillation

in the realm of means

one can exalt the ruses of desire

this unknowing…

ravishing the cinema of lost stillness

this soul of breathtaking mendacity

a cacophony of tangibles

mere wisp of an untethered soul


By Rus Khomutoff

  • Rus Khomutoff is a neo surrealist language poet in Brooklyn,NY.
    His poetry has appeared in Occulum,Poethead, Erbacce,X-Peri and Former People Journal. Last year he published an ebook called Immaculate Days. You can also find him on twitter @rusdaboss


  • Artwork by Johanna Invrea

CZMjk1IWkAE9Glm - Johanna Invrea [art]

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