3 poems by Iain Britton [Poetry]


an inflated question     hovers       then floats

into his room        multiple answers

hang on         for the wind to change

for the precise moment         to massage

old pains old scores old heartaches

to chorus alleluia

to chant Hare Krishna


this super      man       who often withdraws

to a tall empty cupboard         is the organiser

the ringmaster          the shaman

the frontier fighter

he shows off

his latest electronic trick

his voice       leaping up

from its music box          he never


uncouples his body parts        never

ventures outside the weight of his skull

& like a father       i’m used to carrying him

from hideout to hideout



nearly everyone

has fallen        has felt

the vertigo       others

have hurtled horizons

breaking sound systems

crockery      windows

eardrums       some have become

easy targets

for successful participants


i struggle for a clear picture

2 shop models

are window-dressed for summer

their bodies       pressed

flat against reflections      each

perpetually shines       shows

a glossy facial crown


i hear the heavy fall of a planet

slipping off        its equator        the

unbuckling of a belt of speeding light

the explosion of a sun flare


looking up       somebody

throws me        a long rope

of white-hot molecules



like a stain

the stillness       remains

whichever way     i stare

the stillness        lives

in the eye of an icon       in the

mind of the poet

in the red jacket     in

the vision       of this

solitary audience

of the fire-eater

performing on the corner      people stuffing down     hot dogs

the contortionist      stripped to his tattoos         a veiled woman

 presses a sprig      of flowering wildfire      into my hands


whichever way       i look

the poet in the red jacket

has something to say

he calls me over

he won’t       rub out

he’s insistent

about the peaceful noise

living parasitically       in his ear


By Iain Britton


  • Since 2008, Iain has had five collections of poems published, mainly in the UK. Recently, poems have been published or are forthcoming in Cordite, the Harvard Review, Mantis, POETRY, STAND, Poetry Wales, Clinic, The Literateur, The Black Market Re-View, AGENDA, The Fortnightly Review, Long Poem Magazine, Molly Bloom, Blackbox Manifold and the High Window. A new collection THE INTAGLIO POEMS has just been published by Hesterglock Press (UK), 2017 – https://www.facebook.com/Iain-Britton-236842853178112/




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