Entrance – Kayla Bashe [Poetry]


and she said, the girl with a peach orchard in her lips:
don’t you know you were not born for him
that you are a luna moth and he is a sputtering spotlight
self-reflected and good only for fizzling your generous wings
and she said (the girl with the stars in her braids)
I am a sculpture of stardust and smoke
I was built over the unstable craters of a trembling moon
I need him to transfix me into marble. Sculpt me out of the unformed glittery stone
and she didn’t know if his electricity would complete her circuit
but she knew she wanted to be held
even in static. even in flames

and meanwhile she loved her more than the crystal sparkling of midwinter snow
she loved her more than white nectarines in summer, more than a thousand cocktails with fresh mint, more than a newborn rabbit loves its nest did she love her
but the very pronouns gave it a seeming of poison


by Kayla Bashe

  • Kayla’s work has previously appeared in Liminality Magazine, Strange Horizons, and Cricket.

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